Alleviation and Management of Pain Through Acupuncture Treatment


Patients seeking treatment for the alleviation and management of pain through acupuncture must be able to learn how this ancient treatment works and for which specific conditions it is most effective. This ancient treatment was developed by the several thousand of year ago utilizing a water course system. In addition to the ocean, this system also included tiny streams, irrigation canals, huge rivers and even man-made water systems.

The working principle of acupuncture Neck or Cervical Pain treatment is anchored on the release of endorphins, which is considered to be the body’s natural pain reliever. Endorphins act as some sort of an opiate and serve as the main weapons of our body in alleviating pain. Under normal conditions, our body knows when and how these healing chemicals should be released and transmitted under a normal bio-chemical process. However, because of stress and other external stressors, the meridians are restricted or blocked and the capacity of our body to respond and recover from this painful condition is compromised. For instance, if we are suffering from a painful or injured knee, the inflammation and pain will not only persist but may also worsen if we continue to use and apply pressure on them. According to the Chinese, this is a condition where the chi’s healing process is impeded.

Relieving Pain through Acupuncture

An acupuncturist or doctor normally makes several critical decisions before any treatment is performed on the patient. He or she has to make the right judgment in order to facilitate the healing process and recovery of the patient. Acupuncturists normally adopt various needling techniques to promote the chi flow in a particular meridian.

There are also other techniques used, this time to reduce the chi flow in a particular meridian when it is in excess. These different techniques used in acupuncture involve draining, transference and tonifying and these same methods are primarily used in order to facilitate the movement of the chi from one meridian to the next meridian.

Main Meridians of our Body

There are 14 main meridians in the entire body. These meridians are directly responsible in the transmission or transfer of endorphins as well as peptides that are needed for the healing of our body and relief from the pain associated to the condition. If these chemicals flow naturally and unimpeded from one meridian to the next, then our body can quickly recover from the condition and remove the pain. This normal and unimpeded flow of these chemicals is achieved through acupuncture. Through these acupuncture points, the body is able to heal itself and recover from the condition and the painful condition is resolved.


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