Anxiety in Your Life? – Discover the 3 Anxiety Therapy Types That Are Most Helpful


Before we look at anxiety therapy types, it’s important to know that anxiety is a natural and useful part of human life. It is a response to a perceived fear and basically pumps adrenalin into our bodies to prepare us to deal with the threat. A mother who loses sight of her child at a swimming pool will quite naturally become anxious fearing for the safety of her child. A patient waiting for results from a medial test will be anxious fearful for his health. A person going on a first date may be anxious fearing rejection.

Anxiety is perfectly normal response to a valid fear or threat. However, when the anxiety response is caused by an irrational fear or threat rather than a real one, it can become a debilitating condition if not treated.

Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are the extreme examples of anxiety out of control. Persons who experience these attacks often times think they are going to die. Symptoms can range from rapid heart beat, to dizziness, to difficulty breathing and swallowing to clammy hands and trembling. Many times sufferers will report to an ER thinking they are having a heart attack.

The good news is nobody has ever died from a panic attack. Even better, sufferers can be taught to understand their condition and work their way through it.

There is not much dispute on how an attack works, the mechanics of it if you will; there is however a difference of opinion of why they occur. Some believe that you have to be genetically predisposed to have a panic attack. Others believe it can happen to anyone providing there was a traumatic event in their history that works to trigger the attack.

There are basically three thoughts of treatment for anxiety. The first is the oh so American approach of drug Anxiety Therapy Toronto. Anti depressants and muscle relaxers are often times prescribed to treat the patients symptoms. These drugs, once an appropriate dosage is discovered, can effectively relieve the immediate symptom allowing the patient to focus on other therapies to cure the root cause of the anxiety. However, many of these drugs have serious side effects and several can be addictive.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT uses a series of techniques to “rework” the patient’s cognitive thoughts, behavior and emotional response. This method, like the drugs, focuses on the symptoms and works to eliminate any re-occurrence.

Lastly there is a school of thought is psychodynamic therapy that is based on education. This approach attempts to explain to the patient the “why” of the attack as well as how to deal with the symptoms. Psychodynamic therapy believes that there is a deep seated traumatic experience that causes the anxiety. The idea is to have the patient identify the irrational fear as just that. Also the goal is to provide the tools that allow the patient to no longer fear having an attack. Once the fear of the attack is eliminated, the patient can deal with the root causes.

If you suffer from severe anxiety this article may seem like a piece of fluff to you. Obviously, addressing and correcting anxiety disorder cannot be accomplished in 500 words. What is important for you to take away from this is you are not alone. There are thousands with the same condition and there is effective help for you if you seek it.


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