Powdered pigments add a little pizazz to your polymer clay creations. They can be found in a variety of colors and brands. Some of the powders have ground up mica in them and these are what add the sparkle.

It is best to use a mask if you will be working with powdered pigments, so they will not be inhaled into your lungs. Try to avoid shaking them so they do not become airborne. A little powdered pigment goes a long way. You can use it sparingly and still get a great effect on the clay.

You can use your fingers, a sponge or a paint brush to apply it to the clay. The pigments do not need to be wet to use and can be rubbed directly on the polymer Metallic Foil nz for a neat shimmery effect. They are especially beautiful when used on black or dark colored polymer clay, as it makes the colors pop.

There are several ways you can use the powdered pigments and one is to add them to liquid clay to tint it a color. You can also use them as an inclusion and mix them directly into the clay, this works best with white or translucent. Another beautiful technique is to texture a flat sheet of clay and then apply the pigments to the raised or impressed areas. You can then use the textured pieces to create jewelry, home decor or anything you would like.

After you have completed your project, you are then ready to fire it. Powdered pigments can rub off of the clay if they are not sealed properly. So make sure to seal whatever you make with them. Future floor wax makes a great sealer for polymer clay and it is easy to find. You can also use non yellowing polyurethane to seal your piece. Whatever you make with powdered pigments it is sure to get lots of complements.