Most sources do not recommend custom orthotics for flat feet. Now, for people that have weak or falling arches that have yet to fall completely, they could be the perfect solution.

By providing the extra support that your arches need, they could help you be pain-free and possibly prevent your arches from falling further.

While some people are born with them, many others develop them over time. Years of standing or walking for hours in high heels, or wearing poorly designed shoes that offer little or no arch support, is usually a contributing factor. Cops walking a beat were at one time prone to develop fallen arches, because their shoes were cheaply made and had no arch support.

Age can contribute to fallen arches, especially among overweight people. But, it is not an unavoidable condition and if it does occur, it doesn’t have to be painful.

Insoles that provide arch support and stabilize the heel should be used at all times. There are many types available in different materials, thicknesses and colors. So, you can have a pair for every pair of shoes that you own.

In addition to ordering custom orthotics for flat feet prevention, you might want to consider an arch brace, which provides extra support and further reduces pain. If you must wear higher heels on a regular basis, you should consider Customised insoles that shift the weight from the ball of the foot to the back of the heel. There are also ยพ length insoles that leave extra room in the toe area, for designs that have smaller or shorter toe boxes.

The flexibility of custom orthotics for flat feet varies, as do the prices. The more rigid versions have hard plastic shells. Some have more of a spring action. Still others are made of soft materials that cushion and cradle the foot.

If you choose a pair with a hard shell, be sure that they fit your shoes properly. Otherwise, they could change the pressure when walking to a portion of your foot that would cause even more pain.

Softer materials are better choices for most people. If your arch has yet to fall completely, foam casting boxes available from several different manufacturers allow you to get a perfect impression of your foot, which will provide perfect support and comfort.

At one time, custom orthotics for flat feet were only available from a podiatrist. Now, you can order them online. These insoles are good for everyone from the inactive to the very active types. They are highly recommended for those that are more active.

Remember that they will only work on shoes that have removable insoles. So, check your closet. You may need to order some more shoes, too.

Custom orthotics for flat feet and arch support cost between $100 and $200. It pays to do a little comparative shopping, before you buy. That’s a big difference in price, when there is no difference in quality. You could spend the extra $100 on a new pair of shoes.