Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Group? Save Time Deciding Which Is Right For You


Everybody is enjoying the Facebook craze and we have all figured out that it is here to stay. So what are you doing to make your presence on Facebook more known? After all anybody can set up a basic page and even post their day to day. But do you really know how to use Facebook to get the most response to your page?

Are you looking to spruce up your basic page that you share with friends and family or are you looking to create a page or maybe even a Fan Page or Facebook Group and you want as many people involved as possible. Do you even know the similarities and differences between Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups? Did you know that you can use these to share ideas as well as products, opinions, and an unlimited list of other options on Facebook?

Most of us think we have a pretty good idea of what we can do with Facebook but the fact is there are no limits to what you can learn to do with your personal or business Facebook PVA Store account. You only need access to the right information and later on we will get to some free video training that you will want to check out.

Do you know the differences between Fan Pages and Facebook Groups for example? Let’s talk about a couple of the bigger ones here. With a Fan Page you want to understand that it will be visible to everyone on the internet unlike your Facebook Profile. However a Fan Page can only be created by an official representative of the organization or entity represented by the Fan Page. This is where a Facebook Group might be better for you.

The Facebook Group is also visible by everyone on Facebook but it can be created by anyone interested in the topic since it operates more like a forum. If however your topic is one that you are able to create a Fan Page with you will be happy to know that with your Fan Page everything you post will be mass distributed to everyone who has liked your page. This is not the case with a Facebook Group as your posts are not automatically updated to a News feed.

Another advantage of a Facebook Group is that you can mass mail up to 5000 people at one time in a Group and you do not have this ability with a Facebook Fan Page. But here is yet another difference. Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by Google buy Facebook Groups are not. So if you are looking to get your page and topic indexed that could be an important fact to consider.

So as you can see it is important to get a better understanding of both these parts of Facebook as well as topics like getting the most from Facebook Ads in order for you to get the most from your Facebook experience. As Facebook continues to evolve we all have to do our best to keep up with this cutting edge technology.

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