Finding the Right Dog Safety Vest


In most households our dogs are valued members of the family. These days it is not unusual to take your dog on vacation or have them professionally groomed. We buy special food to make sure they have a healthy diet. We spend money on their medical care; maybe even buy them medical insurance! Most of us want what’s best for our dogs and worry about their safety. If you and your dog are active, chances are that there are safety risks to take into account. In many cases, increased visibility would help prevent some potentially lethal accidents. A hi-vis, reflective dog safety vest is an easy, inexpensive way to make sure your dog is safely visible during all sorts of outdoor activities.

Safety depot recommends using a dog safety vest at any event where visibility improves safety… and that mean most outdoor activities, but especially the following:

  • Running/walking at dusk or nighttime
  • Hunting trips
  • Water activities in the vicinity of motor boats
  • Events with large crowds and/or high vehicle counts

When selecting a hi-vis reflective dogΒ safety vest, choose one that is manufactured from a hunting trip insurance bright, durable fabric. Select a size that is form fitting, but not so tight it rubs under the legs or neck and irritates the skin. Lastly, if your dog is a bit wiggly, select a vest that is easy to fit over the head.

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