Corporate holiday gifts are based on a selection process, and they’re a chance to show appreciation to people who deserve it. They’re also a good chance to provide a great supply of enjoyable gifts and spread the message that your company is something special. You can also use promotional bags to give your business some exposure, and tailor them to meet your needs.

Targeting your gift list

Corporate gifts are a form of positive reinforcement. The gift giving is an unsolicited expression from your company, and a bit of selective targeting will make it more effective.

Examples of gift targeting:

* Special customers- This is an appropriate expression of appreciation to the really good clients, and it will be interpreted as such. Whatever the gift, it will add some depth to the client relationship.
* Staff members- The fact is that most corporations are limited in the amount of appreciation they can show their staff. Bonuses are usually budgeted, but that, inevitably, leaves out people who do deserve some sort of acknowledgement.
* Services- Some services received by corporations are above average, and since you can’t very well pay them more, you can express your appreciation to both the businesses and their staff with corporate gifts singapore.

Choosing your corporate gifts

Your corporate gifts are a good PR exercise as well, both internally for your business and externally to your clients and others. The choices are many, and you’ll find there’s no lack of good suppliers of top quality gifts. The real issue is more likely what sort of gift theme you want to create.

There are several basic formats for corporate gifts:

* Gift packages- These are groups of gifts, themed to the holiday or some other type of motif, like video cameras, sports or camping gear, or all of these combined. The gifts can be bought in bulk from the top suppliers, and you can get good quality things, top brands, quite easily.
* The single big gift- One high value gift, targeting the holiday motif, with good presentation. These gifts can be high value,
* A lot of smaller gifts- This is a good, economic option which isn’t going to look cheap and nasty, because the suppliers themselves only supply good quality gifts. This is a highly competitive market, and most suppliers try to outdo each other with good quality and values.
* Custom gifts- These have your logo, and may include some of your own merchandise, which will be very much appreciated by customers and staff alike. You can cost these to the cent, and they simply come off your promo budget.

The corporate gifts are fun to create, and they prove your company is aware of the value of both staff and business associates, and they also show that your business rewards its best business partners. For staff, they’re morale builders, and reaffirm the critical internal relationships which are often submerged in the busy work environment. Some well thought out corporate gifts in special gift bags are a good way of saying “Thanks”.