Take me out to the ballgame; buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks and let me do in on my Nintendo DS! At Seattle Mariner home games you can use your Nintendo DS to order food, beer, etc. and have it delivered right to your seat. No need to wait for the guy coming around with old sweaty open beer bottles or rubbery hotdogs. This service is being tested exclusively in Seattle, home of both the Mariners and Nintendo. It also helps that the Mariners are owned by the founder of Nintendo, so a direct line to research and development is just a drive across Lake Washington.

Along with ordering food and drinks you can also watch the local TV coverage of the game and see the balls and strikes much like a video game. The aptly named Nintendo Fan Network gives you all the feeling of being at the game. Of course you are actually at the game so some may question the value of sitting there looking at the screen when all you have to do is look up and see real life. But for the hi tech gadget techno geek in us it’s an amazing addition to the game experience. And since the first year when it was $5 per game and fans obviously tired of paying for an overpriced experience to purchase https://www.hugtechs.com/ overpriced food and drink they brought the price down to a respectable free.

However, for the geek meets baseball fan there really isn’t anything like it. Interested in hitters statistics? You can access them right from your DS. This may seem like a small thing and maybe even a little to uber geeky but it’s a fantastic feature. The Internet does lag some while watching a game from the DS, but honestly seeing the game on it isn’t even the valuable part. It’s all the other features offered by Nintendo on the DS.

Over time they should be able to expand the Nintendo DS out to other ball fields with even more services. Right now the service is fun and interesting for a time, but quickly takes a backseat to the actual game, which should be expected. However, it would be great if thisย hi tech gadgetย could be used in more functional and practical ways that would really enhance the user experience. Knowing Nintendo they will, it will move over to the Wii and you will be able to actually participate in the game!