There are hundreds of water treatment companies for manufacturers to choose from for their industrial water treatment needs. These companies advertise online, exhibit at trade shows, and send brochures to you. The first thing for you to understand is that not all of these companies are the same. They don’t provide the same services and technologies, and they don’t have the same philosophies. So, how do you determine which company is best for your facility’s unique needs?

Decide What You Want

Rather than calling every water ZLD SYSTEM MANUFACTURE treatment company you find online to ask for a quote or a sales pitch, I recommend that you make a list of what it is you want from a company. I’m not talking about products, like deciding you want polymer or ion-exchange columns. That is only part of the list. Rather, you should decide as a package what attributes, qualifications, and peripheral services you want the water treatment company to offer.

Create your wish list, and don’t limit yourself.It is possible to find one company who provides all the services you need. For example, do you need them to install the equipment? Do you already have a filter cloth supplier? Do you need consultation and engineering too? Many companies offer more than just equipment or chemicals. Some companies provide engineering services and will custom tailor solutions to each application. Some provide outsourcing services and operate your systems on a daily basis.

Location is something to consider: Many manufacturers maintain a successful relationship with their water treatment company from states away. Don’t limit yourself by looking only locally.

Research, Research, Research

Online research is a great tool for finding out who a company really is and what they really offer. Now that you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down your call list to companies who offer at least most of what’s on your wish list. Don’t just look at their products listed in bold text, read their case studies, look at their networks on social media. This will help you understand the company’s philosophy, credentials, and the type of people you will be interacting with.

Monitoring capabilities are something to consider: Gathering and reporting data performance data forย wastewater treatmentย is becoming a key part of facility management for manufacturers. Some use that data to identify product defects earlier and prevent further production loss.