Mafia Wars is a seriously interesting and addicting game to play. Sure, it doesn’t feature high end graphics are action packed shoot-out scenes, but the intricate strategies needed to play make up for it’s downfalls. However, it’s a fact that most participants of Mafia Wars don’t apply the correct strategies. In fact, a large amount of players doom themselves for failure right from the start. Here are the easiest and best cheats to put yourself on the right track for success in Mafia Wars.

1. Pick the “Maniac” class only. Sure, you won’t get the money that the other classes do, but in this eft cheats energy has much more value than money. Energy allows you to do missions, whereas money will not. This is the first mistake that players make when starting out.

2. Don’t try and create of huge mafia right away. All this will do is make sure that you fail, nothing else. It takes planning and a well prepared plan before a successful mafia is created. Do yourself a favor and work alone for a while until you are sufficiently prepared, and you’ll be happy you did later in the game.

3. Spend your experience points wisely by using them for energy. A lot of players start throwing their points around and getting Godfather points or similar useless items. Well maybe not useless later, but for now they will just slow you down. Energy is the number one necessity for leveling quickly in this game, so get it whenever you can.

4. Don’t get yourself on the “Hitlist”. Sure, it sounds like fun, but you will end up getting killed constantly by the higher level players. Wait until you are in the higher levels to do this. Remember, you do not want to slow down your leveling.

The above cheats and tips should get you off to a good start in Mafia Wars. As you can see, energy is paramount when it comes to leveling and advancing quickly in the game, so put most of your efforts into getting more energy whenever possible. Avoid the seemingly more fun parts of the game until you’re a higher level, or else you’ll just end up in a bunch of bad situations. Apply these simply rules and becoming a Godfather will be easier than you’ve ever thought!