I am going to outline a couple of scenarios of how a typical service provider can increase his revenue promoting SMS Text Message Marketing to their clients. I will illustrate this by using a typical selling process for a print shop. This could actually be any type of service provider for business like a graphic design company, copy shop, sign shop, marketing or even an advertising agency.

Here’s the first scenario:

You get a client to come into your place of business who commissions you to produce an order for some printed marketing material such as business cards, postcards, fliers, postcards, binders or whatever the printed product you normally produce and sell.

This scene is very procedural in nature you discuss with your client what exactly it is that they want you to produce for them. You collect the payment, deliver the order and your customer is happy with their order and may even refer one of his business associates to you for future printing.

Here is scenario number two:

All of the same details as scenario number one apply but with one minor change. Instead of just taking the order and producing it for them, you now introduce your customer to Text Enable Landline Marketing to enhance and greatly improve or enhance the response rate and effectiveness of the materials that they are ordering.

You illustrate the marketing reach, response rate, ROI of the process and now you can up sell that customer into an SMS/Text Messaging Marketing campaign which depending on their financial resources can include the creation of additional services which you can provide directly or outsourced. It could be a landing page for his lead capturing, a mobile landing page by using QR Codes to lead their customers or prospects there and which will allow the them the ability to track the effectiveness of their messages, etc.

Whether you own a printing or copy shop company, sign company, advertising or marketing agency, architectural supply company where you produce marketing materials for Architects or are a consultant. You need to read and take action on what you’ll discover here.

You may have the following questions.

Why should your customers use SMS Text Message Marketing?

With SMS Text Message Marketing your customers can contact their customers or prospects very fast. Literally at the push of a button.

Text messages when they have been requested, are well written and relevant to the audience can have a 98 percent open and read rate. Which if you’ve ever done any email marketing you know that email on a very good day will only get you an 8 to 22 percent open rate.

With SMS Text message marketing a business can send out coupon offers, make special announcements for events or offers which the business can choose to promote only to their loyal or what they can now call VIP subscribers. To get some ideas of ways to promote using text messages you can visit our website and see some case studies and examples on how to implement for your customers or your even your own business.

What can you do with QR Codes?

QR Codes stand for Quick Response bar codes which can lead to many different destinations. They can be used to send text messages, contacts information or lead to a Website URL destination such as an instruction video or even a survey or other type of information. I usually leads a mobile website or mobile friendly destination since they are being read with a mobile device. Although you may see it sometimes incorrectly used leading to a regular website which is not mobile friendly. This is a big mistake a lot of users of QR codes miss, including some very big companies, but it can be easily corrected by a savvy SMS Text Message Marketing service provider.