Branding your Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction, or Ambergris Caye Real Estate company does not have to be expensive thanks to the Internet and firms using this tool effectively can get more inquiries than their competition using fewer marketing dollars. Here’s how:

Start a Blog.

Use key words in your blog posts

Pay attention to the key words used to find your site.

Include the company name in front of your tags

Finally, include the blog as a page on your web site. Better yet, use the blog as your home page and make it easy for clients to visit frequently to see new information and posts relevant to them. Short posts of 500 words or less often work best in my experience. Services offering blogging include WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, and many more.

Corporate bloggers looking to build a brand will benefit by include the firm name in front all of their tags. For example, Ayers Saint Gross may want to use “Ayers Saint Gross Higher Education Architects”. Do not discount the importance of tags. They help the search engines identify where the information should be located when people search for the information you have to offer.

Think about the words that prospects will use when seeking an Architect or Contractor and make sure they’re in your blog posts and tags. Also monitor the key words that prospects use to search your site.

Do you have great writers on staff? They’re helpful for marketing purposes, but the evidence shows that using key words in blog article (posts) are even more important. Google People shopping for services today often go to Internet search engines first. If you’re an A/E firm that targets the healthcare market, the goal would be to get your firm to appear on Google searches for healthcare architects ahead of your competition and blogging can help. Google uses algorithms to search websites for information that would interest their searchers (your prospective clients). New information gets higher rankings on the search engines and blogs are a great way for firms to provide updated information for the search engines.