A palm tree floor lamp would be a wonderful addition to any living area or patio. It doesn’t just provide a nice glow for your home or patio, but it is also a great conversational piece for your guests. Here’s a guide to choosing your very own palm tree floor lamp.

First of all, these can be either custom-made or bought from a specialty shop. There are several designs available when it comes garden center in Rockland countyto these lamps. There are lamps made of rattan, bronze and brass.

These lamps may consist of rattan poles tied together for that realistic palm tree look or bronze moulds and cuttings for a more elegant and unique look. There are even floor lamps that have more than one palm tree. They may either have their own stand or come with a box at the bottom for support. A typical palm tree floor lamp has an elongated post that resembles a real palm tree’s bark, fake leaves, support at the bottom and coconut-like casings as lighting fixtures.

There are lots of special features you may find in this lamp. You may find one with adjustable leaves. There are some that are simply molded into shape and others meticulously put together and carved.

There are many colors available for you to choose from. There are green, chocolate brown, ivory, yellow, red and orange palm tree floor lamps. Colors can also be combined together in one lamp. The post and coconuts may be brown and the fake leaves green.

The color and style of your lamp will depend on your home interiors and personal taste. To complete a tropical-inspired space, choose a lamp that looks natural such as one with green fake leaves and a post with earthy colors such as dark brown and beige. If you want the lamp to stand out a bit more but still match the space, choose a brass or bronze lamp, which adds a bit of sophistication. For something quirky that completely stands out, choose a brightly colored lamp.

Many palm tree floor lamps are designed for the outdoors. If you want to place a palm tree floor lamp outdoors, make sure it is weatherproof. Oftentimes those that are weatherproof have steel trunks. The height of palm tree floor lamps ranges from 8 to 20 inches. Taller ones are always great for the outdoors.

When it comes to the actual lighting, consider the light bulbs. Bulbs may be attached at the bottom of the palm tree floor lamp, which can light up the whole tree. They may also be attached somewhere at the top under the leaves, which is a typical feature in palm tree floor lamps.

Lighting may be colored or plain. Incandescent light bulbs are great if you want a nice, bright glow. An alternative is the LED bulb, which has a whiter glow and consumes less electricity.

Palm tree floor lamps are generally more expensive than regular floor lamps. However, they are extremely durable and one of a kind. There are also discount palm tree lamps online. So choose your palm tree floor lamp wisely. Pricing ranges from $100 to over $200. There may be 2 weeks waiting time for production and shipping depending on which company you go with.