Unique Fundraising: Hit Success With Magazines


In order for you to make it big in the fundraising business, you need to have a unique fundraising idea in mind or something that’s different from other people are already doing. Keep in mind that people are already accustomed to groups, charities, schools, and organizations doing fundraiser campaigns and even though they still have the soft hearts to lend a helping hand, they would like to try out something new or get something more unique for a change so that they can feel that they got something worthwhile in exchange for the money that they donated.

One of the recent unique fundraising ideas today would be the magazine fundraiser. This is very easy to do but it’s a really big help when it comes to raising huge funds. This type of fundraising campaign is really easy to do because you and your volunteers no longer need to go through the tedious process of making door to door sales and asking people in your community to fill up order forms. In addition, you don’t have to go through the stress collecting payments and doing follow ups in case your best fundraising sites company doesn’t deliver your supplies in time. This is because, this fundraiser campaign works in a different manner. This is mainly done online. What you need to do is to get people to subscribe to certain magazines through your help. You do this by spreading the word to your supporters so that you can motivate them to visit the site where they can register for the subscription. After they register, they can also list down some of their contacts along with their names and email addresses, then it’s up to the site to send mails to those people. The greater the number of people who subscribe, the higher your profits will be.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t mention a thing about you needing money to get this money-raising gig started. This is another really good advantage, which you can enjoy from raising funds through magazine subscriptions. The total amount of profits that you’ll be able to gain from this would be an average of 40 percent of the total amount of the subscription fees that you get to generate. A single magazine subscription can help you raise at least $6. The best magazines that you can ask people to subscribe to would be Time, People, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Family Circle, Entertainment Weekly, and Better Homes & Gardens.

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