Safety Measures While Using Welding Equipments


There are about 2000 eye injuries reported everyday in US workplace. Most injuries occur due to lapses in the usage of protection gears. Flying particles are the reason for 70% of injuries that are related to eye. These injuries can be avoided hands down by wearing the right kind of protective gear required for the job. welding hose manufacturers is in itself a hazardous job. Welders work in an environment that is subject to arc and heat rays, slag from chipping, flying metal and dirt from grinding. Therefore it is most important to choose the protective gear that suits the work type and to wear it consistently.

Tips to injuries:

Inspect your welding equipment for any damage. Keep your equipments void of rust by maintaining it properly.

Proper selection of protective gear according to the type of work and intensity is very vital.

Protective gears should be at reachable distance.

Always make it a point to use the safety gears while handling the welding equipments.

Wear the eye protection gears under your safety helmet.

If your welding helmet has the auto darkening option, you can work peacefully without having to adjust the shade manually.

Wearing the right shade of filter in your eye gear is very important.

Welding areas are harmful place of work. They should be secluded from rest of the place of work by a curtain that can absorb welding rays.

Read manufacturer’s instruction manual thoroughly. And follow the instructions religiously.

Keep your cables away from other tools so that they last longer.

Avoid usage of cables that are undersized, damaged or spliced.

Look for advice of the manufacturer for periodic maintenance activities to be performed on your welding equipment.

Keep your helmet down to minimize your chances of injuring your eye from flying particles.

Always choose an eyewear that has side shields or goggles and a correct filter shade to protect your eyes.

Make sure your safety eye gear meets the heat, filtering and impact requirements.

Timely replacement of faulty components will aid in longevity of the equipment.

If your welding work is more frequent then it is wise to go in for a welding apron or a welding jacket.

Vinyl screens or transparent welding curtains can be used to keep you protected from the harmful rays.

Keep your arc welding equipments well insulated to avoid shocks.

The workplace should be well ventilated. This will bring in fresh air and flush out the harmful fumes or gases that arise out of work.

Laser welding are extremely dangerous to your eyes. Please follow the safety instructions pertaining to the equipment meticulously.



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