Do you love the sound of the violin and wish that you can play as skilfully as a professional musician in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra? Then you will be searching for a reputable violin school to learn how to play the violin. Are you finding it hard to decide which violin school to go to, to start your violin lesson? Here, I will give you some tips.

Before you start your violin lessons, or even start looking for a violin teacher through your local music school, it is advisable for you to get your personal violin. The reason is that you need to bond with you music instrument. The more you practice on your music instrument, the more seasoned it will sound. This will motivate you to practice even more and improve you skills.

Do remember that mastering the violin through intensive violin lessons is quite exhausting. Some people are not mentally prepared and give up half way. My advice to you is not to give up learning how to play the eastman violin 4Β If you find your violin teacher teaching complicated playing techniques, try to catch up by spending more time practicing during your spare time. Do not feel daunted and do not ever give up. You will feel that you have achieved something worthwhile when you can play the violin in front of family and friends.

You have the choice of learning to play the violin at home or through online music courses. However the best way to learn to play the violin is to find a violin school which provides comfortable environment and experienced violin teachers to guide you.

There are some factors you need to consider when selecting a violin school to enroll into. These are:

1. Assessing the music school or violin school

You need to make a trip to the music school of your choice. Go online for recommendations, call up the principal of the music school, ask your friends if they are familiar with the school. Contact especially acquaintances in the music industry.

2. Visit the school

After you have some initial feedback from others of the school, make a trip to check out the facilities and environment. Are they bustling during peak hours? How is their service level like? What are the values of the school? What are the equipments which are available in the school?

3. Validate the qualifications and experience of the violin teachers in the school

You should be able to access the curriculum vitae of the violin teachers based in school. Ask the school how strict they are in selecting violin teachers. The criteria set should be quite high.

4. Charges for violin lessons

Finally, find out the rates for music lessons in the violin school. What is the duration of each lesson? How frequently should your lessons be?

Learning to play the violin is easier if you find a reputable violin school. So you need to do your own due diligence before you enroll in one.

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