Ways to Maximize Essential Oils Pain Relief Properties With Arormatherapy


Today many people suffer from various types of pain. Your specific pain may be a result of a new or previous injury, poor posture, standing too long at work, exercising too long or hard, joint pains, emotional or mental stress, muscle pain, headaches, lack of sleep or fibromyalgia.

Aromatherapy is well known for bringing well-being and stress relief to people, but this is only one of its possible benefits. Bulk Essential Oils pain relief properties are especially valuable when used in aromatherapy to reduce, and even heal, the discomfort caused by all these pains.

Essential Oils pain relief properties include reduction of pain, inflammations, spasms and headaches. They are a natural resource for healing our bodies offered to us from the plants that thrive on our beautiful planet.

Painful discomfort can hinder a persons enjoyment of life. Living with chronic pain can take its toll on the emotions as well, and can lead to mood swings and a negative outlook of life.

Essential Oils can be massaged onto the body to ease a variety of physical and emotional disorders, a very revitalizing experience that soothes physical aches and pains, as well as balancing the emotions.

Aromatherapists create unique massage oils by diluting a few drops of a a single or combination of various Essential Oils with pain relieving properties in a carrier oil to make it safe to apply to the skin. Only a small amount of oil is needed, as it will be rubbed into the skin gradually. Time is required for the aroma molecules to be absorbed into the bloodstream and for their therapeutic actions to take effect.

Each Essential Oil has more than one unique healing quality. For instance, Myrrh oil can be effective at easing the discomfort of muscle and joint aches, and arthritis. It can also help improve circulation or be used to aid in meditation.

Patchouli oil is a natural relaxant, and when massaged onto the body it can work wonders at relieving anxiety and nervous exhaustion. It is a general tonic that aids in digestion and relieves queasiness when added to a carrier oil and rubbed on the abdomen.

Peppermint oil is a very versatile oil and has many uses besides helping to relieve pain. If you experience joint or muscle pain or stiffness, add Peppermint oil to a carrier oil and massaging it on your body to relax and reduce stress to the muscles before or after exercising or when preparing to sleep and you find yourself focused on areas of tension in your body. Conventional pain medications for muscle pain relief often contain Peppermint or Wintergreen oil.

Clove oil is another natural pain reliever, but stronger than Peppermint, so always dissolve it in a carrier oil and test it on your skin before use. Pure Clove oil has natural analgesic qualities, which means it can be useful in reducing the sensation of pain. Massage and aroma therapists use this therapeutic grade Essential Oil to ease the symptoms of arthritis, and rheumatism. Clove oil or Peppermint oil can reduce toothache pain when rubbed on the gums.

If you get chronic tension headaches and have found conventional medications to be failing, it might be a good idea to consider trying Peppermint oil. A few drops of this oil can be can be applied to the temples and forehead. (Keep all oils away from eyes.) Take a few minutes to allow the oil to penetrate the skin. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and relax your neck and facial muscles to gain the full effect of this Essential Oil treatment.

If you are currently experiencing chronic pain, consider consulting a therapist who incorporates Essential Oils into their treatment to see if this might help reduce your pain more effectively. The main goal of any therapist is to restore well being and good health to the whole body. Essential Oils pain relief properties can be even more effective when combined with massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy or Rolfing and many therapists use them to maximize their therapeutic work.

Every Essential Oil will work differently for each person. You might do well to try several Essential Oils to see which one works best to relieve your specific pain.

Wright lives in a small Colorado mountain town that is filled with holistic healers and artists. I was introduced to Essential Oils over 15 years ago when recovering from a bad car accident and minor concussion. I incorporated many Essential Oils with pain relief properties into my healing journey after this accident.

I continue to use them for many purposes including healing my body, sleeping deeply at night, and for naturally cleaning my home and office spaces.

I would like to share with you some of the many success stories from my personal experience and other friends’ healing journeys that demonstrate how Essential Oils have worked to help us to regain or maintain optimum health.


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