Mountaineering is a popular sport and hobby and is a more advanced walk for all those hikers.

Humans, for many centuries have always wanted to be on top of the world… or at least as high up as possible.

Perhaps it is that exact feeling of being on top of the world, perhaps it’s simply just the view or maybe it is to be the first person to reach the top.

All of these reasons are what makes the adventure of mountaineering so sort after in the world among many, many others.

The mountains themselves all have their different aspects and elements at play. One mountain might be thick jungle or forest growth while others are riddled with glaciers and ice capped mountain peaks.

While most mountaineers or hikers will climb just about any mountain they can, maybe locally or internationally on their vacations, there are of course some mountains that stand out, high above the rest.

The first and most obvious of course being Base Camp Everest Trekking which divides Nepal and Tibet.

The mountain was named after Sir George Everest in 1865 who was the British surveyor-general at the time in India. Locally Everest is known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepal which means the Goddess of the Sky, where as in Tibet they call the mountain ‘Chomolungma’ which translates to the ‘Mother Goddess of the Universe’.

The mountain is a staggering 8,840 metres (over 29,000 ft) above sea level making it the tallest mountain above sea level. So it is these heights that drive mountaineers to the site to climb the mountain.

Climbing here is expensive and can be quite dangerous with its unpredictable climate, so for most climbers they take the shorter trip to the Everest Base Camp. Tour operators are very frequent to this spot and can be even be picked up in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A more accessible mountain peak that, in my eyes is second only to Everest is Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa’s Tanzania.

This mountain is nicknamed White Mountain, with ‘Kili’ meaning mountain and ‘Manjaro’ meaning whiteness. Mt Kilimanjaro is 5,582 metre high (19,000 ft) so this mountain is still a bit of challenge for many, so some fitness would be required.

Mountain climbs here are also frequent but the costs are way down, especially when compared to Mt Everest. But one of the best parts, I think about Mt Kilimanjaro is the ability to combine your mountain climb with an African Safari.

Another mountain… also nicknamed ‘White Mountain’ is the extremely popular Mont Blanc, in Europe’s Alps.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain within the entire Alps mountain range which lies between France and Italy and stands at a height of 4,810 metres (15,000 ft).

It is most popular for both its mountaineering and of course its skiing and/or snow sports. The first ever ascent was completed in 1786 by Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard which virtually gave birth to the sport of modern day mountaineering.

Regardless of where you may climb, each and every mountain will bring with it something new, unique and wondrous. I urge you to climb a mountain on your next trip and see what all the fuss is about.